Saturday, July 2, 2022

Small Town Pride

 In Small Town Pride by Phil Stamper Jake is a small town boy, Jake has a best friend who knows him and supports him, Jake has amazing parents and Jake is gay. When he comes out to his parents his dad wants to show his love and support for his son so hangs a huge pride flag from their flagpole. This begins a polarizing journey for Jake as there are many complaints and concerns. He decides his very small town should have a Pride Parade to open the door for other LGBTQ individuals to gain acceptance. But the mayor, who just happens to live across the street and who is up for re-election, does not support the request that now has the support of many in the community. 

This story is ultimate about believing in yourself and finding ways to make your dreams reality. 

Summer Reading 2022

It has been years since I have written about all the books I have been reading. However, I am still reading  as many books as I can so I can recommend them to the right students. Each student has diverse tastes and likes in books and it can be a challenge! But many of our students are savvy and curious and I am finding their interests are being showcased in the kinds of books being written today. They are more reflective of life around us. They are very real and show situations and events that some students need to read about as it is their lives in these stories that they have never seen before. For others, these are about things that they never knew existed and it is a learning experience for them and, hopefully, builds empathy. Either way I am finding our students are reading more than ever! 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


 By Jason Reynolds about a boy who has the biggest attitude and chip on his shoulder. But then I cannot judge what I don't know and as I tiptoe into this world it gives me a glimpse that brings me great empathy for the courage that Ghost exhibits. I know kids will love him and cheer him on.

Halfway Normal

Norah is back at school after she has been ill......a 2 year absence for cancer treatment. Teachers and parents hover, friends... some friends stay by her side... some don't. Some are even a bit resentful. But Norah meets some new ones who don't know her history and that makes her feel more normal. This book feels honest and I think kids will relate.  By Barbara Dee.


Amazing book by Alan Gratz. 3 stories connected by the need to escape unbearable situations that have occurred in history and are still occurring today. Brings understanding and, I hope, empathy to what is happening in our world.